Jillian Blazek is a mess of blonde hair and a damn good designer.
I grew up deep in the woods of Valley Forge, Pa. where my best friends and I would waste summers watching c-list movies and endlessly making magazine collages for each other. Determined to get the hell out of dodge, I moved to Washington, D.C. after high school to attend American University. After four years and five switches in my degree plan, I graduated with degrees in journalism and marketing and what has proven to be a, less lucrative than expected, minor in philosophy.

My first exposure to graphic design was my very last semester at AU. I took a News Design course as part of my journalism major. It entailed creating page layouts, infographics, photo compilations and the like. It was the first time I ever touched an Adobe program and I was completely taken by it.

I started my professional career working in digital media for Discovery Networks International who I had interned with the previous year. While working, I began taking design classes — mostly in an attempt to satiate my desire for a creative outlet against the backdrop of corporate cubicle farms. I began taking classes at Boston University's Center for Digital Imaging Arts (located in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.) working towards a degree in graphic design and web development. After a year of full-time work and classes at night, I was convinced I had a strong enough passion for design to quit my job and try to do something with my life that I actually enjoyed. So far, I'm happy to say, it's been the right choice.

I graduated BU CDIA in January 2013 and have since been working on freelance projects, pro bono assignments, and trying to explain to my grandparents what it is exactly that I do.

Although the timing could've been a bit better, I am so happy to finally have found something I love to do and I'm determined to keep doing it until I drop dead from lack of sun or carpal tunnel — whichever comes first.
A few things that I've found I thoroughly enjoy:
Gin & tonics
Letterpress &
block printing
Veggie burritos
You can also check out my resume; it has even more about me.
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